Where would I be?

I just had the conversation with someone (Rachel :) ) about where I would be if I had never had kids.  This was my answer (with a little added to it since I have had more time to think).

I would have gone back to school for my master’s.  I would most likely be a pediatric nurse practitioner and would have chosen to work in an urgent care or ER setting.  I would probably either still have my dog Ebony or have another “new” expensive puppy that I treated like a child.  Nate and I would probably have more house than we need and it would be furnished with the best of everything.  When we were not at home hosting cookouts or work parties we would be traveling.  I’m sure by now we would have visited several other countries, and probably own a small home on the Gulf of Mexico.  I would probably never have to put my hand in a toilet to clean it and most of our laundry would be done for us.  I would watch what I wanted on TV and sleep in every chance I got.  Nate and I would enjoy quiet dinners at the restaurant of our choice and then go shopping, just because we could. 

But, I would NOT be as happy as I am today.  I have gladly given up those things for the chance to raise the four beautiful children that God has given me.  I don’t know why I was blessed to be the mom of the 4 J’s, but I will take the blessing!!  And the question of where would I be?  I don’t know, because without the family I have now I wouldn’t be me.

One thought on “Where would I be?

  1. I’m so glad you chose the 4J’s route. There is time enough for those other things in the future.

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