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  1. Hello,
    I am just starting out in the photography business and came across your page on Flickr. I love your work and trying to learn more and get better. I shoot with a D90, and I am curious on how you get your images so sharp. Do you use a softbox for indoor sessions? Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I use a sb600 inside a softlighter II for light. I also have a continuous light and reflector that I use as well. And as far as sharpness goes, the key is LIGHT! I have learned that the better your lighting the sharper your images. I really love natural light but could rarely get enough to get the images exposed properly. And I have major fears about my ISO so when I had my D90 I didn’t like to go above 400 when inside. I just recently took a little jump to the D7000 and the ISO is a little more forgiving so I can go a little higher. So I found that the combo I mentioned above is so far my favorite for studio lighting. I would like to get another sb600 and softligher and use them together for extra light. One thing I like about the speedlight and softlighter is that it is completely portable so you could use them for outdoor portraits for fill light. Hope that helps!! Good luck! Do you have a flickr profile you can share?

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