Hi, I’m Heather.  I am a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother to four, an aunt, a sister in law, and a friend.  I worked as a pediatric nurse in a children’s ER for several years before I had my first child.

Since 2002 I have been a stay at home mom, although between errands, doctor visits, school activities etc., I don’t feel like I am home very often!  My days consist of preparing meals, cleaning up after meals, changing diapers, laundry, wiping noses, cleaning up messes, helping with homework, changing more diapers, refereeing disagreements, giving baths, reading stories, trying to be a good mom and wife, and occasionally remembering to feed the dog.

My hobbies are video slide show production and photography.  I am a self taught amateur photographer who is exploring the possibility of turning my passion into a career.  When the kids are in bed my husband and I take our usual spots on the couch/chair and eat chocolate chip cookies or peanut M&M’s. We talk about our days, our plans for the future, or sometimes we just sit in silence, content to just be in the same room.

My blog will be a way for me to journal about life raising four children.  Some posts will be fun, some happy, some sad and maybe some will be just venting.  Either way this blog will be a way to record our life, my life, and hopefully one day my children will enjoying reading about how they were raised and how some (most) days they drove their mom crazy!  Join me on this adventure of being a blogging, photographing, cleaning up, exhausted mom to my four CRAZY J’s!

Periodically, I will give support to other companies and blogs on my website. Currently, I like and support Cabins For You (mainly because my brother works for them and occassionaly I get a free vacation). They are a rental management company out of East Tennessee. They rent out Gatlinburg cabins and Pigeon Forge cabins. Take a look if the mood should strike.