You’re DEFINITELY a mom if . . .

Instead of  “You might be a redneck if . . .”  I decided to change it up a little.

Now, this will apply to all moms, but I have to say that the more children you have the MORE that you will be able to relate.  AND, if you happen to have had your children close in age you will get it even more.  To all the moms, in case you ever wondered, You are DEFINITELY a MOM if . . .

You have ever fished a toy out of the toilet . . . before it was flushed.

You have ever had to scrub poop off the walls.

You have ever gone grocery shopping and long about the chip aisle you realize that you hadn’t looked in a mirror all day.  And you’re not really sure if you brushed your teeth.

Your children all have clothes from Old Navy and Gap and your newest article of clothing is a t-shirt from Walmart.

You wore your new Walmart t-shirt 4 days last week because you truly didn’t have anything else to wear.

Once it reaches 8 pm you find yourself trying to justify why it’s really not important for children to have a bath every day, . . . or three.

Sometimes you decide to let your kids play in the hose in the backyard because then you can count that as a bath, right?

You have ever found yourself saying the most ridiculous things.  Such as:

     “If you fall and bust your head open you are going to get a spanking!!”

     “Son, we don’t put goldfish(crackers) in our ear, or in our underwear.”

     “What do you mean you have an apple seed in your nose?”

     “What are the rules about standing on the kitchen counter?  Right, you only do it when Mommy asks you to.”

And of course,  You are DEFINITELY a mom if . . .

Your lunch consisted of leftover pb&j, crunched up cheetos, and apple peels.

You spend 2 hrs preparing for a 30 minute outing.

In that 2 hrs you forgot to pack any extra diapers, a change of clothes for the one kid who has an accident (you have something for the other 3) and you forget your cell phone and to put new checks in the checkbook.  What exactly did you spend the 2 hrs doing?

And last (for today).  You are DEFINITELY a mom if you can’t remember the last time that you went to the bathroom by yourself!!

Love to all the awesome Moms and Moms to be out there!!!

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