Snobby birds

I decided to get a bird feeder.  Simple enough, right?  I got the feeder ($4), some special expensive seed, and the pole.  I stick the pole in the ground, fill the feeder and put it on the pole.  Then I waited.  And waited.  For 8 days I waited, and nothing.  Not even a fly by.

I called my dad and fussed about how the birds hate my feeder.  I mean, how hard is it to feed a bird?  So, Dad comes by and says that my bird feeder is the problem, that it doesn’t look like a bird feeder.  Huh?  Do birds know how bird feeders look?  Who teaches them what a “proper” bird feeder looks like? 

So I send my dad to the store and he comes back with a new ($20) bird feeder.  We fill it up and hang it on the pole.  I wait about 3 days, and guess what?


They came.


And they ate!!


And they even got into a little bird squabble.


And then, . . .  HE came!


And HE ate, A LOT!!!!



And although I did like to watch his persistant attempts at stealing my expensive bird seed,


I also liked it when he failed!!


Pig squirrel eats too much!! 

So apparently I have snob birds.  They don’t like $4 walmart feeders.  They only like $20 Home Depot feeders (I should have known).

But, now I have all my pretty birds to look at. 


Now to come up with a plan to keep pig squirrel away . . .

4 thoughts on “Snobby birds

  1. LOL!!! Great photos!! Please don’t be like your dad and become obsessed with deterring the squirrels. It will drive you crazy.

  2. hilarious! great pics! Bobby has been quite creative in at least TRYING to keep the squirrels off their new bird feeder. Not sure how it’s turned out.

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