Photo of the Week!!

I’ll try to make this a little lighter since my brother told me that my last post was too gloomy.  It was supposed to be funny, in a way that only mom’s would understand.  Of course I’m not exactly known for my humor, so I guess I didn’t come across the way I meant to!!

Anyway, on to the Photo of the Week . . .

spiderman J


Sweet J1!!!  He used to LOVE spiderman!  He still does, but when he was younger he REALLY loved him!  This was back when I was learning to use photoshop and played with any picture I could find.  This is one of his favorites!

And I have noticed that I haven’t used many of J2 in the Photo of the Week posts, so I am including this one of her.

jessi 15

This was from 2007 during a trip to Gatlinburg.  She is so beautiful!!!!  She worked for a long time stirring the water with her stick!


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