Why do people think that they need to verbalize their opinion on how many children another family has?

Of course this is coming from the story about the Duggar family and that they delivered baby #19 at only 25wks gestation.  Baby Josie weighed in at 1lb and 60z.  Wow!!  Just the thought of that is completely breathtaking!

I will admit, I have made comments such as “How in the world do they give each of their 18 children individual time and attention?”  But then I have to admit that just because I can’t do it doesn’t mean that the Duggar parents are not able to do it.

I read with sadness this morning that baby Josie was born so early.  I felt sad for the mom and family and mostly for Josie.  But then I began to read these awful, judgemental comments about how others feel about this family.  And again, my question is “Why?”  Why do you care???  Are you being asked to care for these children?  Do you have to feed them?”

The Duggar family is a Christian family who believes that children are a gift from God.  Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage after her first child was born and was told that the miscarriage was most likely caused by the birth control pills she was taking.  So, heartbroken over the loss of her child, her and her husband decided that they would no longer try to prevent conception, and would welcome any child that God blessed them with.  I can understand her decision.  I myself have had to research birth control options because of my blood clotting issue. 

Even with only four children I have experienced the raised eyebrow  and the “what were you thinking”  and the famous “You do know what causes that don’t you?”  expression and comments.  I also feel the same frustration because I just want to say, “What’s it to you??” 

From what I know about the Duggar family:

- they have strong moral values

- their children are well behaved and respect authority

- they live a structured life and are taught the importance of self discipline

- they are all well fed and clothed

- they live in a house much nicer than the average American

- they helped build the house they live in.  This helps give them a sense of pride about their home, and therefore a respect for property, theirs and someone elses.

- they have no debt.  Everything is bought with cash and as far as I know they do not receive any government assistance

This is not a family that is continually having children and relying on the government to support them.  This is not a family who has numerous, rebellious children that are a threat to society.  This is not a family who is leaving these children to raise themselves with no guidance.

So again, I ask “Why do people care so much?????”

Again, I don’t think that I could raise 19 children.  But just because I can’t do it doesn’t mean that they can’t do it.

Prayers for the Duggar family and baby Josie.  We all know that pregnancy complications and premature birth can happen whether it’s your first or 19th baby.


I had my first photo session with TWINS last Friday!  Wow, what a workout!  The twins belong to my long time friend, Samantha.  And they were sooooo cute!  Their little smiles will melt your heart, and hearing them laugh in unison is just precious!  Here are a few of my favorites from the session!

H & L 7

H & L 10

H & L 15

H & L 16

H & L 18

H & L 21

H & L 2

H & L 30

I told you they were adorable!!  Thanks Sam for letting me photograph your beautiful boys!

Any given day . . .

Now that I am a mom of four I have to admit that I hear myself say things that I thought I would NEVER say!  I always thought I was going to be this totally in control, organized, graceful mother whose children adored and respected her.  Well, lets just say that sometimes life has a way of taking what you “thought” was going to happen, and what “actually” happens and making you look rather silly!  But either way, I have decided to make a little list of some of the things that may come out of my mouth on any given day. . .  

“If there is no blood or vomit involved then you better not get out of that bed!”

“Would someone please get J4 out of the toilet?”

“What is that on the wall?  Yes, that brown stuff.  IS THAT POOP on my wall??”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t care if you are hungry, thirsty, scared or want a hug.  You didn’t need or want any of those things before bedtime, why do you need them now?” 

“Do we still have a dog, and if we do has anyone let her out or fed her today?”

“Did you poop today?  What was it like?  Did it hurt?  Do you need some poopy medicine?”

“What do you mean the glass just fell off the counter?  Really, all by itself  it just jumped off and broke into hundreds of pieces?”

“How can you NOT know how YOUR markers, in YOUR room, colored on YOUR wall?”

“What do you mean J4 is stuck in the toy box?  Did you help him before you came to me, or is he still upside down with his feet stuck in the air?”

“Exactly how many days have you had on that pair of underwear?  You do know that when you take a shower you are supposed to put on clean underwear, right?  That’s part of the deal with showering!”

“What do you mean J4 threw up on your face?  Just try to keep it on your face and not let it get on the carpet please!”


Yea, so anyway.  An example of a real life mom in all her glory.

Not Me Monday!

Aaahhhhh, confession time again!

I so did NOT serve peanut butter sandwiches for dinner two nights last week.  I know how important balanced nutrition is for a growing child and I would never compromise the health of my children by serving something like peanut butter sandwiches.  And, if I did serve that for dinner, which I did NOT, I would NOT have added a side of cheetos to go with it.  And to top it off  I would NEVER put them all at the table and turn on Noggin while they ate those peanut butter sandwiches that I did NOT serve.

I did NOT neglect my poor husband almost every night last week because I was working on pictures and learning new techniques in photoshop.  I am so organized that I can do that sort of thing during the day while I am home with the kids!  I would NEVER have to wait until they are all in bed because I can NOT think while they are running through the house and screaming.  But even if I couldn’t do that during the day, I would NOT leave my poor husband to watch TV alone while I stayed up until almost 1 am every night.  That would NOT be the good wife thing to do!

And, I did NOT force my kids to put on their jackets and run 10 laps around the backyard when it was 40 degrees outside.  What kind of a mom would do that?  I love my kids, and their laughing, screaming, chasing, crying, name calling, throwing toys, breaking ornaments, spilling drinks, all in the span of about 10 minutes, would never get to me so much that I had to lock them outside!  But, if I had made them run laps, which I did NOT, I would NOT have been happy when they came in exhausted and cold and just wanted to cuddle with me on the couch! :)

Photo of the Week!

This is from 2005, so J1 would have just turned 3 yrs old.  I’m only doing this NOW, because I know he would NEVER allow me to do this later!

batman 003

J1 loves to be “in character” and has basically lived in some costume or another since he was about 2 yrs old.  I love this pic!  Notice the Wiggles underwear over the top of the diaper?!?! 

Enjoy!  And if J1 ever asks, you have never seen this picture!

He’s Back . . . .!!!!

christmas 2008justin4mos 344

Ah, yes.  Our little elf friend, Elfis,  is back!  He returned during the early morning hours of Dec. 1st, as promised.  I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with Elfis.  He brings out the innocence and curiosity of my 4 J’s, but also the slightly obsessive nature of them as well.  They tip toe around the house and scream at every little shadow, convinced that Elfis is ready to attack them.  If you don’t remember Elfis, you may want to click here :  http://arwoodadventures.blogspot.com/2008/12/elf-attack.html to refresh yourself with his story.

  Hopefully this year will go smoother, and there will be no surprise attacks!  I don’t think J1 or myself could take it.

Long live  “The Elf on the Shelf”!!!

Not Me Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. 

My first official “Not Me” Monday post!  So here goes . . .

Last week was Thanksgiving break from school.  So, that means that me and the 4 J’s were all together . . . . ALL week!   I did NOT sit in the car while the older 3 J’s played at the park with their cousins.  What kind of a mother would do that?  I’m the type of mom who cherishes each moment and loves to play out in the cold at the park with my children.  So sitting in the car with the heat on and watching them play is something I would NEVER do!

After a hectic trip to a store with all 4 J’s in tow, I did NOT back the van into the (empty) double stroller because I forgot to load it in the car after I got all the kids buckled.  I’m not that close to insanity!  And if I did back into the stroller (which I didn’t), it most definitely would NOT have been the second time that I would have done such a thing.  Because I learn from my mistakes!

And I did NOT get up at 3 am on Black Friday and stand in line in the freezing cold to shop!  I mean I love a good deal, but really, what kind of crazy person would do that after only getting 1 hr of sleep the night before?  And I would NEVER be willing to push someone out of the way to make sure that I got my 4 items that I went for, NOT me!

Feel free to share what you did NOT do this past week!  Happy Monday!

Photo of the Week!

Well, this week it’s going to be photo(s) of the week.  This was back in the winter of 2006.  My sweet J2 was being very quiet (red flag!) and I tip toed around the corner to find this . . .

dogfood 1

She was quietly trying to “clean up” the mess she made while trying to feed Ebony. 

Then she started to explain . . .

dogfood 3

But, when she realized I was laughing, she gave up explaining! 

dogfood 2

Poor Ebony was pacing around the kitchen trying to figure out what to do with her food all over the floor!  Notice the handful of dogfood in J2′s hand!  I think she would have stuffed it in her pocket if she could have.  My beautiful girl!