Newborn Twins!

I had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful twin newborn girls!  I LOVE newborn photography and hope to do many more newborn sessions in the future!

They did so good!  Slept the entire time and let me move them however I wanted.  I think the bean bag and heating pad helped :) !

Those sweet cheeks!!!  Just want to squeeze them!

Aren’t they just gorgeous??  So sweet.  I can’t wait to photograph them again!

1 Yr Cake Smash

I was happy to be able to do Madison’s 1 yr cake smash session!  It was as much fun for us to watch as it was for her to do! 

Pretty girl, right before it got messy! 

Hmmmm, what is this?

WOW, this is good!!

Look at those eyes!

Can we do this again?

And that is how a cake smash is done :) !

Newborn Session

I finally got to do my first newborn session!  He was the cutest, sweetest baby ever!!  Oh, and he just happened to be my nephew :)   Here is Brayden . . .


He was so sweet and cooperative!


I love the little grin on his face here . . .




ok, he may hate me for this one day!  I made this hat and just HAD to try it out on him.  Sorry Brayden, but it looks really cute!!!



Believe it or not I am getting ready to do his 2 month photos!!!   Where does time go???  I love this sweet boy!!

Evans Family Christmas session

A few days ago I got to have a session with the Evans family!  It was fun and baby M was as cute as ever!  I picked a few of my favorites to post:

E family 1 8x10

Sweet family!

E family 2 8x10

E family 4 8x10

E family 5 8x10

I love her little hands in her lap!


E family 9 8x10

This one is my favorite!  Such pretty eyes!


E family 10 8x10

Showing off her pretty dress!


E family 11 8x10

E family 12 8x10

E family 13 8x10

Another fav!


E family 15 8x10

E family 16 8x10

Can you believe those eyelashes??!!

Merry Christmas!  Thanks Evans family!

Family Christmas Session

Last Sunday I had a Christmas session with a sweet family.  It was a great session and the little boys, ages 1 and 2, did great!  It is always hard with young children to get them to feel comfortable and smile at a stranger!  And throw in a couple umbrella lights and the fact that they have to sit still and it can be a great challenge!  But these little guys did great!

Here are a few of my favorites:

C & C 3

c & c 4

c & c 5

c & c 6

c & c 7

c & c 8

C & C 18

c & c 20

After we did some indoor pics we headed outside to get some of the little ones in action!

c & c 13

c & c 15

c & c 17


I had my first photo session with TWINS last Friday!  Wow, what a workout!  The twins belong to my long time friend, Samantha.  And they were sooooo cute!  Their little smiles will melt your heart, and hearing them laugh in unison is just precious!  Here are a few of my favorites from the session!

H & L 7

H & L 10

H & L 15

H & L 16

H & L 18

H & L 21

H & L 2

H & L 30

I told you they were adorable!!  Thanks Sam for letting me photograph your beautiful boys!

Maternity Photos

Here is my very first maternity photo session!  I was soooo happy to be able to take photos for my SIL and BIL, and their long awaited blessing, Brayden!  It was a fun session and I can’t wait until I can find my next pregnant lady to do pics of!  If you know of anyone who is pregnant and wants a good deal on maternity photos, send her my way!

Doesn’t she look beautiful?  So happy . . .

m 41

I have to give credit where credit is due, this was Rodney’s idea!  And I just happened to have a stethoscope laying around, imagine that!

m 40

m 16

This is one of my favorites, it may show up in a contest or something . . .  :)

m 14

I also love this one . . .

m 13

m 17

m 24 crop

She looks so peaceful here, doesn’t she?

m 32

m 34

This is also one of my favorites!  Little Brayden was playing with Daddy!

m 36

m 3

m 1

The miracle of life!  It’s so beautiful, no wonder I had so much fun capturing it!

And I CAN’T WAIT to do Brayden’s newborn pictures!!!!

Sweet Baby Cousin!

So, about 6 wks ago I did a photo session for my sweet cousin, baby M.  Let’s just say we are not sure who had more fun, her in the tutu, or Mom and Grandma watching her in the tutu!  Either way, it was a fun session and she did great!  I can only hope that any baby I have for a future session is as sweet and cooperative.  Thanks Erin for letting me photograph your beautiful baby girl!

Here are a few from the session:

m 19 watermark

m 15 watermark

m 10 watermark

m 9 watermark

m 8 watermark

m 5 watermark

m 2 watermark

Isn’t she a doll?!?!?